We also provide laptop repair services and supply replacement parts such as AC adapters (chargers) and replacement batteries.

Have you dropped/damaged your laptop?

Is it no longer turning on or failing to boot to Windows?

Are you missing keys or do you have a damaged screen?

We have the solution to all your laptop issues and if the model number of the laptop is supplied we can organize the parts and perform the repair on site – save time and energy – just one phone call and a visit from one of our friendly technicians and you will be up and running again in no time


Why is my laptop running so slowly?

Many factors need to be considered when diagnosing performance issues – some of the more common issues include

  • Unwanted software that has been installed and runs in the background wasting resources.
  • Viruses/Adware/Spyware could be installed which can affect your ability to use the computer by denying access to certain programs such as browsers
  • Windows settings could be incorrectly configured leading to decreased performance.

How do i know if my laptop can be repaired?

All laptops can be repaired but it is important to determine if the unit in question is worth repairing – If the issue is something minor such as a failed hard drive or a broken screen the cost of repair will generally far outweigh the cost of a new laptop but if multiple components require replacement it can be more cost effective to purchase a new laptop and transfer the data from the old laptop to the new unit.

We can offer a free quote to either repair your laptop or supply a new unit and include the transfer of data from your damaged laptop to your new laptop.

Which laptop should i buy?

Laptops are like cars, different people have different requirements therefore it is important to determine what you use your laptop for before deciding on a new laptop.

The majority of people use their personal laptop for word processing, email, browsing the internet etc.

In this case it is best to