Web Design and Development is a wide field requiring many different skills during the production and continuous revision of websites. The different stages require different skill-sets such as graphic design; interface/layout design; user experience design; and search engine optimisation.

Before Andmore begins a web design project with a client we discuss every aspect of the website such as:

  • Purpose: Why are you creating this website?
  • Target Market: Who is your target market? How will this appeal to them?
  • Domain Name: Pick a domain name that matches your business name or is applicable to the industry.
  • Goal: What are you hoping to achieve with this website?
  • Design: What do you want the website to look like?
  • Functionality: It is important to balance design and functionality.
  • Timeframe: Know your timeframe well and stick to it whenever possible, unless the issue slowing your progress will seriously effect the functionality or design of your site.
  • Cost: The more interactive features and design elements implemented the cost increases accordingly, it is important to keep within your budget!

Every aspect of a website must be considered before the project can begin. If the foundation and features required are not implemented into the site from conception it may be difficult or impossible to implement them in the future!

Think about the websites you currently visit, why do you visit them? The most successful websites are pleasing to view while remaining easy to navigate. Visual features should not negatively affect the performance of a website – while people enjoy a good looking website how many people will be willing to wait for it to load…?

When you have a design you are happy with, it is time to start uploading content, it is important to remember google ranks websites by the quality of the content as do your visitors. For example if you are starting a blog site it is better to post fewer articles with unique content than to post multiple poor quality entries.

Balancing functioning features with stunning visual designs can be a difficult formula to perfect but should be the ultimate goal for any web designer. The best way to guarantee a strong audience is to fill your site with unique content, frequently!

Some websites rely heavily on images such as a shopping website where the user expects high quality images of an item before they commit to a purchase, other websites offer information and therefore they have content that is heavily text based such as a blog.

If difficulties arise during the creation of your website that threaten to affect the timeframe you have set, it is important to analyse the situation and decide how important the feature you are having trouble with is to your website. It is better to wait and get the result you want than it is to rush and end up with a sub-standard solution that can compromise the end result!

Choose your domain name wisely! Imagine that you operate an established business using a certain name/branding/location – if you changed the name of your business and the address at the same time, how many of your customers would be able to find you? This is essentially the same as changing your domain name!

The best designs are pleasing to the eye but also easy to navigate. Sounds simple? Surprisingly balancing the functional features of a websites interface with a visually pleasing theme can be one of the toughest challenges when building a website.